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Monday, 17 July 2017

Set list for Fame 35th Anniversary Reunion Concert L.A. 2017

Here is the set list of the Fame 35th Anniversary Reunion concert in L.A. with pictures or a short video clip for each song.

With Thanks to Joseph Nicholas DeFilippis for the information. Sue Hinds, Mimi Fletcher-Grooms, Juliette Green, Misha Gonz and Lynn Isenberg for Sharing Video and Photos.

Debbie Allen started the show with her immortal words "You Want Fame? Well Fame Costs" Then in alphabetical order introduced the rest of the cast as the Fame theme played in the background.

01 - Life is a Celebration - Erica Gimpel and Carlo Imperato Joined by everyone


02 - On The West Side - Valerie Landsburg and Cynthia Gibb

03 - I Still Believe In Me - Erica Gimpel


04 - Beautiful Dreamer - Valerie Landsburg

05 - Dogs in the Yard - PR Paul

06 - Be My Music - Lee Curreri and Erica Gimpel

07 - Friday Night - Carlo Imperato, Jessie Borrego, Billy Hufsey, PR Paul


08 - Hi Fidelity - Valerie Landsburg


09 - Out Here On My Own - Cynthia Gibb


10 - On The Other Side of the Road - Jesse Borrego


11 - A Special Place - Debbie Allen


12 - Starmaker - Everybody

13 - Fame - Everybody



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